Almost $2 Billion In Prize Money Has Been Won On The PGA Tour By Players Who Have SST PUREd® Their Shafts For Consistency, Accuracy and Distance

On April 13, 2010 Golf Laboratories, Inc. of San Diego (an independent testing lab) tested the following wedges:

  • Titleist Vokey BV 60-07 Spin Milled Wedge, 35″ Length
  • Cleveland CG-15 60-12 Wedge, 35″ Length
  • TaylorMade ZPT 60-06 Milled Wedge, 35″ Length

Average spin before PUREing – 7,206.0 rpm’s
Average spin after PUREing – 10,169.2 rpm’s

For Titleist, the PUREd® difference was greater at 46.28% increased spin.
For Cleveland, the PUREd® difference was greater at 64.75% increased spin.
For TaylorMade, the PUREd® difference was less than average with a 15.5 46.28% increase.

Results showed the overall PURE percentage increase in spin rates vs. randomly installed was 41.12%

The fact is, no shaft is perfectly round, straight or stiff throughout its length. Despite modern manufacturing techniques every golf shaft, whether steel or composite, remains as unique as a fingerprint and cannot be fully analyzed until after the shaft has been manufactured.

SST PURE Shaft PullerThe PPOP, or principal planar oscillation plane, is the plane of assembly in which the shaft is the most stable when striking the ball.

The SST PURE® process involves identifying the inherent asymmetries within each shaft. Using patent-pending state-of-the-art computer analysis, SST PURE® pinpoints and correctly aligns the PPOP in the clubhead to optimize shaft stability and performance — ensuring the uniform matching of clubs within a set and allowing each club to perform to the best of its manufactured capability.

The SST PURE® equipment generates a printout that accompanies each shaft that provides visible proof that the shaft has been “PUREd” by SST or its licensees. The printout shows the shaft’s performance characteristics before and after the PURE process.

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