Club Fitting

Palm Beach Golf Center has been awarded Golf Digest’s prestigious Top 100 Club Fitters in the United States. We have PGA Pros and accomplished golfers and fitters work with you on our state of the art Flight Scope Monitors. We work with players that are beginners as well as single digit handicap players.

We fit clubs by all major manufacturers and use their fitting carts when appropriate.

Call to arrange a fitting at Palm Beach Golf Center and get fit by the best in the business.

Club Repair

See the Experts – Palm Beach Golf Center is your premier destination for professional club repair services.

Our list of services includes:

Club Repair done right at both PBGC locations!

  1. Shaft Fitting
  2. Re-gripping (guaranteed 24 hour service)
  3. Loft & Lie Adjustment
  4. Re-shafting
  5. Wedge Grinding
  6. Ferrule Replacement
  7. Shorten / Lengthen Clubs
  8. Refinishing
  9. Pureing (see below for more info about pureing)

See our repair and fitting experts at either of our locations for affordable service done on time, every time.

Golf Club PUREing

We have been PUREing since 2005 and have worked miracles with all makes and models of shafts. If you have never heard of PUREing and what this remarkable process can do for a shaft, you can read more about PUREing here. When Dick Weiss, founder of SST PUREing first showed us his PUREing process we were both impressed and skeptical at the same time. After we hit a few clubs that had been PUREd our skeptical attitudes disappeared…immediately. And yes the difference is that dramatic! Because of the popularity of the PUREing process we now offer a limited number of PUREd stock clubs. Whether it’s a new club that needs PUREing or your old club that could use a PUREing come in and get a firsthand look at how it all works.

Equipment Rentals

It does not matter if you are a righty or a lefty, a man or a woman, we can rent you a great set of clubs. Whether you need a set for a day or a week, we have a rental plan that will work for you, a guest or a business associate. Each set consists of eight irons/hybrids, three woods, a putter, a bag and a travel cover. Please give either store a call to reserve your set(s).

To inquire, or for more information, please email or call us at: 561-842-7100


Trade In your old clubs FOR NEW GOLF GEAR!

There is no need to throw your old golf clubs in the trash. They may be worth more than you think. The Palm Beach Golf Center and the Value Guide® have partnered for years to offer a way to determine an accurate, consistent and reliable “market value” for used clubs. Follow either of the two steps below to trade in your used clubs and get the best value.

If you are looking for a fast and easy way to trade-in your used clubs, come by any of our three convenient locations. We will evaluate your clubs and offer you a store credit, which can be used to purchase any item(s) in our stores… not just clubs.

Using the Value Guide® provides us with a nationally respected source for determining used club values. However, should you find a higher price for your clubs elsewhere,* we will match it. Due to the volatility of the current used club market, the trade-in value can only be guaranteed at the time your clubs are presented for evaluation and pricing.

* We will match the following lists: Golf Bluebook® & Golfsmith®. Please have the specific online URL of the product(s) whose price you wish us to match.

We are a proud member of the PGA Trade-In Network. Go to to learn more.
Because of our fair guidelines for taking trades, we have a huge selection of exceptionally priced used clubs. These clubs typically reflect a savings of 25%-75% off of new club prices. In some cases, just the addition of a new grip on a used club can enhance the value and turn someone else´s discard into a terrific club that can provide you with many great shots. Let us help you find the perfect club. If you don´t see it in the store, ask and we will check our other locations. Keep in mind, the used club selection changes daily, so check back often to see what´s new.

About the Value Guide® — The Value Guide® provides consumers and retailers with access to up-to-the-minute, trade-in and resale values for used golf clubs. These values are derived from what golf clubs are actually selling for in the world’s largest marketplace for used golf clubs, eBay. In comparison to arbitrary manufacturer or retailer rate cards, the Value Guide’s “engine´ is a complex, real-time statistical program that combines programming, statistical and golf club expertise. As a result of the combination of the scale of the marketplace and the sophistication of the Value Guide®, it is fair to say the golf club values it displays are the fair and accurate “market value” ranges for the huge database of golf clubs involved. Please note: the individual parties to the transaction ultimately determine the value of an item. The Value Guide® does not dictate or set golf club values in any way. It is intended as a resource to empower consumers and retailers to quickly reach fair golf club trade-in transactions.

How to determine used club value — Grading the condition of the club and assigning it one of four values determines the value of a used club: Excellent condition (High Value), Good condition (Mid Value), Poor Condition (Low Value) and Unacceptable (No Value).

Excellent condition – Clubs judged to be Excellent have been played but show very little signs of wear. Any nicks, marks or scratches will be slight on any part of the club and will be barely noticed. The club finish will shine through except for normal ball impact and any very slight turf wear. Grooves will be like new with no dirt or debris. Shafts will be original factory installed and grips will be original in like-new condition.

Good Condition – These clubs will show signs of wear but will be very clean because of moderate usage. Nicks, marks and scratches will be limited and minor in appearance. The face and sole of the club will show normal wear with no gouges, dents or deep scratches. Shafts will be original in good condition or replacements must be of a high quality and match original specs, able to read all markings. Grips must show some life and be clean of dirt and free of any tears or rips.

Poor Condition – A well-played club with clearly visible marks, dings, dents and scratches. May have a replacement shaft but must be properly installed and conform to good swing characteristics. Shaft will show bag wear and shaft markings will be hard to read. Grips should be playable with no tears or rips.

Unacceptable Condition – Excessive wear and tear. Scratches and dings on the club face and/or head. Original shafts with excessive bag wear showing signs of abrasion. Replacement shafts either improperly installed or not matched to other club specs. Grips in very poor condition either through wear or misuse/neglect. These clubs will not be accepted for a store credit.
Please note – any club regardless of condition that does not appear on any of the approved used club-pricing lists will not be accepted. Providing value judgments are subjective and we reserve the right to refuse any club for trade-in.