• NEW XXIO9 Prime Driver

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XXIO Prime 9 Driver




All New design and construction allows XXIO9 Prime to be Lighter, Faster, Easier, Longer.

XXIO9 Prime Driver Features:

  • Lighter overall Weight – Driver is now 4 grams lighter at 252g, previous 256g.
  • Shaft is now an incredible 36gr (R flex), Previous 38gr. Grip now 23g, previous 25g.
  • New shaft Profile is fractionally softer in the Tip section for more powerful, Draw ball flight. Butt Section has smoother Profile for Ultimate feel. New Shaft is Lighter, with improved flexibility and stability through use of stronger materials- Toray T1100 G Fiber technology.
  • Super Ti X Plus and 811 Ti head, has New Wing Cup Face and Sole Channel – Expands the COR area flexibility.
  • Lower, deeper center of Gravity for easier ball launch.