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Not only is the original low-compression ball still the softest, longest, and straightest, it’s now even longer, more durable, higher launching and faster than ever before.

For 2018, the DUO® Soft family expands with the introduction of DUO® Optix, available in 6 high visibility matte colors including Red, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Green, and Blue.

The new DUO® Soft Women’s delivers all the benefits of DUO® Soft in a unique matte White version designed for female players.

The original low compression golf ball is now easier to see and harder to ignore. Still the softest, longest and straightest, new Duo Soft Optix golf balls deliver all the benefits of Duo Soft in a matte, high-visibility finish that stands out in the air and on the green.

  • SOFTEST: At a ground-breaking 29, DUO Soft has the lowest compression, best feel of all competitive premium 2-piece golf balls*
  • LONGEST: Longest distance performance of all competitive premium 2-piece golf balls**
  • STRAIGHTEST: The lowest driver spin rate of all competitive premium 2-piece balls for straightest flight off the tee**
*Based upon internal ball compression testing performed at Wilson Innovation Center on 3/14/17.
**Distance and spin claims based upon internal flight testing performed at Wilson’s Research Test Facility in Humboldt, TN on 5/20/17. (90 mph driver test)