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SilkStroke Putting Trainer

​I would like to introduce a unique training aid that will help you become a better Putter. However, before I do, I would like to remind you of five concepts that are vital in understanding how this routine will significantly improve your putting skills.


  1. Every putt must start on a straight line and the putter’s face must be squared to the ball and the selected line.
  2. “Muscle memory”, the creation of neural pathways, is necessary in order to perform a repeatable motion.
  3. “Quiet Eye®” is when your gaze is completely focused on a spot near the ball or on the ball, especially at the time, and beyond the time of impact of the putter with the ball. So whether the putter or the ball move, your eyes must remain on that fixed spot.
  4. You must have one simple thought in mind, (think mantra e.g. a thousand-one) because any extraneous thoughts will interfere with the putting stroke.
  5. You must putt with a stable, quiet lower body, meaning not moving your hips or shifting your weight.


  1. Straight-in-line or Square to Square method
  2. The Arc to Arc method

The SilkStroke® Putting aid promoted the straight-in-line method, as I and many others thought it is simpler and more reliable of the two techniques. However, the Arc to Arc method of putting remains a viable alternative. This gives the choice to golf professionals to analyze the putting stroke of each individual golfer and recommend the best method for that golfer.

Needless to say that one needs to practice the routine for either method, in order to become a good putter. The practice routine is different for each method and not difficult to follow.

Putting is a deceptively simple maneuver. If done incorrectly it can account for a large number of strokes added to your final score. Done correctly and you are certain to shoot lower scores.

So, what is the simple answer?

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Measure your improvement at home using a 2’ by 8’ Putting Mat, which one can purchase at any sporting goods store. Place the mat on a level floor and after each training session; execute 10 putts in a row from a distance of 6 or 7 feet.

Record the percentage of putts made and those missed to the right and/or to the left. Your goal is to make 100% of the putts from this distance, under ideal conditions. Do this routinely and you will build your confidence in your putting skills.

REMEMBER: It has been said that golf is not a game of “perfect”. This putting technique does not guarantee that you will make every putt. But I believe that if you fully understand the five basic concepts discussed earlier and that if you practice using the SilkStroke® Putting aid, your putting will improve measurably.