It’s only March, but the results are in — and the best drivers of 2019 are waiting for you at Palm Beach Golf Center! It’s never been a better time to buy a new driver. Innovative technological advancements mean improvements in speed, power, distance, and that satisfying “thwack.” ¬†Different drivers suit different skill levels and styles of play, of course, but the one constant is a need for a professional fit. Come see us, and our expert team of club fitters will get you sorted out for 2019 and beyond.

And without further ado, here’s the best of the best.


A driver that’s actually a sci-fi cyborg. Seriously. The first known instance of the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the world of golf equipment, Callaway’s proprietary Flash Face technology went through 15,000 possible iterations and learned from each one, eventually arriving at a face architecture that’s optimized for improved ball speed and increased distance. Drives go farther and faster, and also it’s just really freakin’ cool. We’re living in the future — take advantage of it!


Ping G410 Plus

If you’re a golfer who likes to customize your experience without sacrificing predictability, Ping’s G410 might be right up your alley. Ping’s first-ever driver to feature an adjustable center of gravity, the 16-gram tungsten weight located on the back of the head enables the player to add preset draw or fade bias, while retaining the stability the line is known for.¬† This driver is light, friendly, and invites tinkering, so your mis-hits fly as well as your on-target drives.


TaylorMade M6

Easy does it. This one’s for the player who doesn’t care as much about adjustability, in favor of maximum forgiveness. The TaylorMade M6 features a big ol’ sweet spot, brought to you by TaylorMade’s proprietary Speed Injected Twist Face technology, while also retaining Tour-caliber ball speed capabilities, bringing you right up to the maximum legal speed limit. Fast is good, fast and forgiving is even better.


Wilson Staff Cortex

Evan Hoffman, winner of Season 2 of Wilson’s “Driver vs. Driver”, designed the Wilson Staff Cortex for maximum adjustability. Multiple movable weights allow for precise weight distribution and a wide range of custom options for spin, launch, and ultimate directional control. A tinkerer’s dream, and it also looks amazing — another winner from Wilson, who have been delivering fantastic product since dinosaurs roamed the earth.


XXIO Prime X

Golfers whose swing speed isn’t quite what it used to be need look no further than the XXIO Prime, which boasts a brand-new redesign for 2019. Weighing in at a light-as-a-feather 250 grams, this premium driver is extremely forgiving off the tee, boasts a huge sweet spot, and delivers screaming drives even with a slower swing. It’s expensive. It’s worth it.


If you’re in the market for a new driver, of course you want to go the distance with authority. And as technology improves by leaps and bounds, sometimes it can feel like a challenge to keep up with it all — but it’s an exciting time to be a golfer, and Palm Beach Golf Center has you covered, with all the gear and knowledge you need to swing with confidence.

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