Chamblee: 'Bad-ass' Tiger will play Ryder Cup

Forget ‘Tiger Woods: Vice Captain.’ Brandel Chamblee is focused on ‘Tiger Woods: Bad Ass’ and believes that Woods will play in Paris.

If you were impressed by Tiger Woods’ ball-striking at the Honda Classic, you weren’t alone. And if you started thinking about Woods as more than just a vice captain in Paris, well, we’ve got a conversation for you.

Brandel Chamblee was back on the Golf Channel Podcast this week and was asked by host Will Gray for his thoughts on Woods pulling double duty as a playing vice captain at the Ryder Cup.

“My guess is he’ll get pegged as a player and his responsibilities as a vice captain will sort of slip to the side,” Chamblee answered. “They’ll find another vice captain. Although, he and Phil and Furyk, they’re the leaders whether they’re playing or not.”

Chamblee: 'Bad-ass' Tiger will play Ryder Cup
Chamblee: ‘Bad-ass’ Tiger will play Ryder Cup

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