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Club Fitting & Repairs at Palm Beach Golf Center

Computer Club Fitting

Palm Beach Golf Center has been the leader in the art and science of fitting golfers and golf equipment since its founding in 1988. Through the years we have dedicated ourselves to the idea that golfers deserve more than an opinion or a guess as to how a driver or a set of clubs will fit his/her unique swing. To that end, we employ state-of-the-art swing computers and club fitting software to give the most complete and accurate analysis to be found at any retail golf store. We offer demo clubs to further enhance the fitting experience. Take our demos out to your course and see how they perform before you make a final decision. In addition, our sales associates have spent many years fitting golfers of all abilities from beginners to single digit handicappers.

Virtual Golfer

Golf Club Repair

Club Repair

See the Experts - Palm Beach Golf Center is your premier destination for professional club repair services.
Our list of services includes:
  1. Re-gripping*
  2. Loft & Lie Adjustment
  3. Re-shafting
  4. Wedge Grinding
  5. Ferrule Replacement
  6. Shorten / Lengthen Clubs
  7. Refinishing
  8. Pureing (see below for more info about pureing)
See our repair and fitting experts at either of our locations for affordable service done on time, every time.
*Prefer to DIY?         Buy Golf Grips  HERE

Club PUREing

We have been PUREing since 2005 and have worked miracles with all makes and models of shafts. If you have never heard of PUREing and what this remarkable process can do for a shaft, you can read more about PUREing here. When Dick Weiss, founder of SST PUREing first showed us his PUREing process we were both impressed and skeptical at the same time. After we hit a few clubs that had been PUREd our skeptical attitudes disappeared...immediately. And yes the difference is that dramatic! Because of the popularity of the PUREing process we now offer a limited number of PUREd stock clubs. Whether it's a new club that needs PUREing or your old club that could use a PUREing come in and get a firsthand look at how it all works.

Club PUREing - Sweet Spot

Want to learn more about the advantages of PUREing?
Go to this page for a few specific examples.

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